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  Twitter Personal Bot - Rss  

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LAST UPDATE : 2018-07-04 21:10:06

Run At : windows,linux

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  • Fast delivery

  • Secure payment

Auto :

  • with image, grab from rss or website
  • watch any twitter account, like,retweet or just copy their tweet as own tweet.
  • include trending/popular hashtag
  • search with custom hashtag, only new search not older than xxx days
  • ability to search with custom location (latitude/longitude)
  • random RT, like, or follow with several condition, eg : only retweet/like/follow if tweet has retweeted > 10 and liked > 5 (custom filter)
  • ignore/allow possibleSensitive(adult etc)
  • auto RT/like if someone mention @bot
  • unfollow users that not followback with exceptions (screen_name)
  • unfollow users that not update their status for xxx days
  • when autofollow enable, bot will check if they're not followback after several days
  • random mention follower
  • random like/RT followers tweet
  • bot have chances filter, to make it more random, eg: today will autofollow, next day will not autofollow
  • has limitation by number, eg: max follow for a day
  • tweet with link allow to shorten url via (for link) if you provide google key
  • allow message to new follower
  • followback option for new follower
  • bot designed to looks like normal user,  it's not an aggresive bot.

Supported OS :

linux - vm or personal pc windows

bot is portable, so you dont need install anything !

How To Set Lazytools Key

How To Get Twitter Consumer Key

Example Config.txt

for details, please read here


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